SOLD!! Upper Gallatin Ranch

Big Horn, WY 82833

The Upper Gallatin Ranch consists of 730 Deeded Acres, approximately 125 acres of which are irrigated meadows, 94 shares of Park Reservoir Company, existing Nature Conservancy Easement, 6.3 acre building envelope site set aside for a future building site, and 160 acres state land lease.   Located off of Brinton Road - just South East of Bradford Brinton Memorial Museum, the Upper Gallatin Ranch will provide an opportunity for a new owner to acquire a very historic ranch in Big Horn, Wyoming.

The Gallatin Ranch has been under the same ownership for over 100 years, beginning with Goelet and Edith (Post) Gallatin who, while on a visit to William Moncreiffe’s Ranch in the Little Goose Canyon in the early 1900s, purchased half of the Moncreiffe Ranch and an additional 30,000 acres east of Sheridan.   The Gallatins loved the area and were ready to call it home. 

The Post and Gallatin families, both old and famous Washington Square families, are rich in history that went a long way to shaping our country as we now know it.   Both enjoyed a great knowledge of horsemanship, had pioneering spirits, were well versed in leadership, and possessed a caring and generous character, which were contributing factors to the success of the Gallatin Ranch, known to be the best in the country.     The ranch, with its then 35 room log cabin, had it all – top cowboys, finest purebred cattle and the best horses.    

The Gallatins, while maintaining their own properties, shared with the Big Horn community on so many level, sometimes anonymously.   Donations to the school, church, women’s club and city park to name a few.  They were also about bringing folks together and caring for them.   Whether it be a community dance or holiday gifts for neighbors or food for those less fortunate throughout the area.   Their caring spread wide and far, with equal consideration and generosity.

This beautiful and closely held portion of the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains has always been highly sought after.  With minimal buildings and generous building envelope set aside - the new owners can building something just the way they want it.   The gravity irrigaton system is amazing.  As can be seen in the attached photos, we are having a dry year and the meadows are still very green and productive.  Wildlife is abundant on the property.  Deer, Antelope, Elk and Black Bear can be found there.   The brush draws provide great cover for game birds and song birds.  Song birds have long been studied on the ranch.

Today, still under the family ownership, this ranch is not only one of the most scenic and productive places in all of Northeast Wyoming, but it is still known for the fine horses in general, and more specifically the high quality polo ponies that have been bred and raised on the ranch and sold in the past.

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  • Acres: 730
  • style: Acreage
  • Land and Ranch Sold: Yes
  • List Price: 6.9 Million
  • Land and Ranch: Yes