Discover the Landscape of Sheridan and Johnson Counties

The Big Horn Mountains

Tucked into the shadow of the breathtaking Big Horn Mountains, Sheridan County, WY is truly one of the most spectacular natural landscapes of the west. Rustic and quaint communities nestle into rolling fields and farmlands, while bustling bigger towns and cities thrive with entertainment and excitement. And surrounding it all is the endless outdoor playground of the mountains, where truly any adventure is possible. Sheridan County truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those in search of a perfect piece of the historic West.

Downtown Sheridan


Set against a majestic backdrop of the Big Horn Mountains, Sheridan, WY is a thriving modern city still steeped in rich Wild West traditions. Home to hard-working people with a frontier spirit, Sheridan is a land of crystal-blue skies, pristine rivers, and fresh mountain-bourne air where anything is possible.

Explore the Sheridan Valley and Its Communities

To the east stretch endless miles of pristine prairie and ranch land. To the south and west, the Big Horn Mountains tower above the rolling hills, presenting an awe-inspiring display of Mother Nature’s finest handiwork—and protecting the Valley from Wyoming’s notorious wind.

Engulfed in natural beauty and deeply rooted in its rich history, the Sheridan Valley stands as a living tribute to the Old Frontier. Sioux Indian tribes and US Cavalrymen battled it out in the hills of Sheridan County, while buffalo roamed the countryside that to this day still brims with wildlife. Much like Sheridan itself, the Valley of the Big Horns is truly one of the last best places to put down roots in America's west.

Child petting horse

Big Horn

Spread your wings and live the wide open spaces kind of life in Big Horn, where rich farmlands, thriving ranches, and untarnished tracts of undeveloped land can still be found.


An idyllic community tucked serenely along the scenic Tongue River, Ranchester truly is the consummate rustic Wyoming town, complete with out-of-this-world panoramic mountain views.

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River flowing by trees


Find a simple, quiet life in Story, where the loudest noise is water rushing through the creeks or wind in the trees, where aspen line scenic trails and heavy pine scents the spring air.


Nestled into the rolling hills at the junction of the Tongue River and the Little Tongue River, Dayton perfectly blends small-town community with the open spaces of cowboy country.

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Fields with mountains in the distance


Nestled into the foot of the Big Horn Mountains in the heart of Johnson County, Buffalo, WY is a booming little town surrounded by some of the most spectacular beauty in America.