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10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Sheridan Property

Let's face it, marketing your Sheridan, WY home, ranch or land parcel is more difficult now than ever before. It requires you avoid any issues that would discourage the sale of your Sheridan County, WY property. Because selling Sheridan, WY real estate is our specialty, you can count on us to help you every step of the way. Here are the top mistakes you should avoid when selling your Sheridan, WY real estate.

1. Over pricing your home. Start smart with a Sheridan County Market Analysis & Home Evaluation

2. Not allowing your home to be shown. Having your Sheridan County property available for showings is an absolute must

3. Not keeping your home clean and in good showing condition. A sparkling Sheridan, WY home is a must!

4. Not leaving your home during a showing. Why not give prospects plenty of "space" and freedom to linger in your Sheridan County property

5. Talking to the buyer or buyer’s agent and giving wrong information or wrong impressions. Allow your Sheridan real estate professionals to do their job

6. Panic selling, I’ve got to sell my home now! Emotions and panic selling invites "low ball opportunistic offers"

7. Not seeing your home through the buyer's eyes. “My home is the best in the area” syndrome. BHJ real estate agents understand your Sheridan, WY home is filled with wonderful memories and sentimental value. Unfortunately, convincing a buyer your memories have value is futile.

8. Believing an Open House will sell your home. Statistics indicate Sheridan, WY open houses seldom solicit offers from individuals who visit them.

9. Demanding their REALTOR® change how they market their home instead of relying on the REALTOR’S® experience and expertise.

10. Choosing the wrong REALTOR®. Contact us today for a initial Sheridan County property review and evaluation.

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