Selling in Sheridan or Buffalo?

The Pros and Cons
of Selling FSBO

Thinking of selling your home in Sheridan or Johnson County, WY? Listing your home yourself might seem tempting... after all, you'll save thousands on closing costs and Realtor fees! But is that financial gain worth the added effort? Let's take a look at the upsides, and the downsides, of selling a home For Sale By Owner, AKA "FSBO".

The Benefits of Selling FSBO

The #1 (and really, the only) benefit of selling a home FSBO saving money on Realtor or brokerage fees. In theory, this is pretty straightfoward, right? Don't want to pay someone to fix your roof? Get out a hammer and do it yourself. Don't want to pay someone to sell your house? Get out a For Sale sign and do it yourself!

You might be surprised, however to learn that many FSBO sellers actually make LESS MONEY than those who work with a professional agent!

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Wait... WHAT?

No really! It's true!

FSBO sellers quickly learn that the demands on their time, their lack of experience, and their inability to negotiate the fast-paced landscape of home sales might leave them with more stress and less money in their pockets than if they'd just paid the brokerage fees in the first place....

...which brings us to...

The Downsides of Selling FSBO

Selling FSBO might SEEM like a good idea, but here's the reality of everything that's involved with selling a home yourself.

You've Got to Make It Shine!

From knowing which repairs pay off—and which don't—to staging your home to taking professional-quality photos, you've got to make your home look its very best!

You Have to Price it Right

There are tons of automated pricing estimators out there... what's wrong with those? They're often very inaccurate, that's what! Price to high and your home will be unappealing to buyers. Price too low and you're losing out on money.

You've Gotta Market, Market, Market!

If you expect to sell your home at a high price and in a reasonable amount of time, you've got to reach the greatest number of buyers possible! Are you prepared for web ads, social media, signs, print flyers, online listings, mailers, and more?

You Have to Be Available... ALL. The. Time.

Are you prepared to take phone calls from interested buyers potentially at any time of the day or night? What if a buyer can only come a look while you're at work or out of town? Want to sell? You've got to be available to show your home when it's convenient for the buyer, not for you.

Are Your Financial Decisions REALLY That Informed?

You may think you have a good knowledge of real estate, but do you really understand all the fine-print legalese? And can you spot a good deal... from a bad one? (Hint: it's not just about the price...)

What a Realtor Can Do For You


A savvy local Realtor will be able to price your home competitively.


Finding the right buyer goes far beyond sticking a For Sale sign in the yard or an ad in the newspaper!


A good agent can help you navigate buyer offers and requests to determine which are reasonable... and which aren't.


Your agent can help you understand all the financial aspects of the complex real estate transaction


No need to worry about forgetting to fill something out or overlooking a signature!

Ready to Find a Realtor to Sell Your Sheridan Home?

If you're ready to let the experts take the responsibility out of your hands and the stress off your shoulders, then it's time to contact CENTURY 21 BHJ Realty, Inc.. We're here to handle all the details for you and ultimately make sure you walk away with the highest possible sales price for your home.