Malli Ranch Highway 14 - 16
Arvada, WY 82831

Acres: 7,420.88


SOLD!    This incredible ranch incorporates beautiful wide open spaces, rolling hills, and so much more!  This expansive ranch offers abundant mule deer and antelope hunting in uplands and whitetail deer, game birds and waterfowl near the river.  The Mallie Ranch has a fine combination of water, hills, views, canyons and draws offering good grass country to a cow/calf producer or a yearling operation.   
This is a fabulous location for your ranch, a retreat, or a dude ranch. This ranch has substantial coal bed methane development on the south half of the property and with this development comes outstanding water availability, with a series of tire tanks and reservoirs. There is sizable surface use income with more development expected in the future.
Contact Roger St. Clair or Paula A. Wilcox at (307) 672-5838 for additional information. Or by cell at (307) 751-6969 for Roger or (307) 752-5737 for Paula. Or call our FREE 24 hour information line at 1-800-743-0732 ext. 365 for recorded property details.


  • Status: Sold
  • MLS Number: 07-80
  • Property Type: House
  • Land and Ranch Sold: Yes
  • Land and Ranch: Yes

Exterior Features

A detailed brochure is available upon request, which also lists all improvements to the property.