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Meadowlark Elementary School

The Meadowlark Bobcats

The goal of Meadowlark Elementary is " Celebrating Learning, Building Community, Respecting Diversity." The staff and administration at Meadowlark Elementary has a vision for the future of every child that attends Meadowlark. It is to offer quality programs through support of space, time and materials. To offer each student support. To maintain a favorable teacher-pupil ratio that best creates a superior learning environment, and to use current technology to help each student remain competitive. And last but not least, to focus on all academic areas while offering and supporting a strong fine arts program.

Meadowlark Elementary School Facts

1410 DeSmet
Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone 307-672-3786
Fax 307-674-9810
Enrollment: 263
Grades Taught: Kindergarten to 5th Grade
Student to Teacher ratio: 11 to 1. Statewide: 13 to 1.

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