Do’s and Don’ts for Decorating a Rental Home

We all want to live in an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment. It's no surprise that home decor is always popular and DIY videos receive millions of online views. While you are free to do most improvements in your own home, the case is different when you are in a rental property.

Century 21 BHJ is here to share with you the Do’s and Don’ts of decorating a rental property so you can avoid feuds with your landlords, while still being able to showcase your individuality and creativity.

Do’s for Decorating a Rental Property

If you're renting a place, how you decorate it will rely heavily on the landlord and the terms of the lease. In case you are at a loss as to how to make your rented space seem more like home, here are some suggestions:

1. Do Get Your Landlord’s Permission

Before making any alterations to the rented property, you should consult your landlord. Don’t assume that you can do the same things from your old rented place to your new home. Otherwise, you can be in trouble.

Tenants should always check with their landlord for approval before making any improvements to their rented property.

2. Do Purchase Area Rugs

There may not be a lot you can do for your flooring. However, a simple solution is to add area rugs. You can make your space more personal, not to mention more comfortable.

area rug

3. Do Hang Pictures Without Nails

One of the most straightforward approaches to making a rental property seem more like home is to hang up wall decor. But if you use nails or screws, you can ruin the paint or the wall. Doing so may cause you to lose a small percentage of your security deposit.

Here's what you can do. You may use a removable adhesive strip to hang your decorations. These are durable enough to ensure that your paintings or photographs will stay in place. But the best part is that they won't damage your wall.

4. Do Consider Good Lighting

Most of the time, landlords will not approve the replacement or removal of existing light fixtures. But there's a quick fix for this. You can always purchase additional lighting, such as table lamps and floor lamps. Believe us, it can work magic on your rented property.

Also, remember to be extremely cautious with your LED strip lights. Ensure that there will be no damage to the walls and ceilings.


5. Do Invest in Quality Furniture That Represents Your Personality

The fact is, the majority of rental units are unfurnished. This is a great opportunity for the tenants to get furniture that suits their tastes and preferences.

It's a great way to add colors or characters to your otherwise boring unit. At least you don't have to worry about damage to walls and cabinets. And if you wish to move out, you can bring them all.

As a rule of thumb, look for a property that allows you enough flexibility to add decor. Get the best rental properties with the help of BHJ Property Management, LLC.

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Don'ts for Decorating a Rental Property

But what do you need to avoid?

1. Don’t Bill Your Landlord for the Home Improvement

You might not want some of the things that are installed in your rental home, but that doesn't mean you can bill the landlord if you change them. Forcing them to do so might cause a misunderstanding.

There are certain repairs that landlords need to shoulder, but home improvements such as changing the type of a perfectly good working faucet should be on your account and you will need permission to make those repairs.

2. Don’t Attempt Major Renovations

Property owners often do not anticipate renters making major improvements to their rented homes. It is their responsibility as landlords to finish any essential repairs before a tenant moves in. If you believe anything needs to be repaired, always talk to your landlord first.

repairing sink

3. Don’t Paint Your Rental Home’s Exterior

It's risky to paint the outside of your home, especially if you are just renting it. We cannot emphasize this enough, but making major alterations without your landlord's permission might result in a costly restoration project. Imagine what it can do to your budget.

4. Don’t Throw Away the Furniture

If you don’t like the original furniture in your furnished rental home, you can always buy new ones, as we’ve mentioned. However, always keep the old ones somewhere safe. For example, keep it in a basement or in your storage area.

living room furniture

Remember, you need to put it back when you are about to move out. Landlords usually keep an inventory of the items they put in the property, and you may be charged if any of them go missing.

5. Don’t Spend a Fortune for Decorations

It's natural to want a comfortable place to call home. However, it's crucial that you refrain from wasteful spending in order to make this dream a reality. Focus on the essentials and invest in only a few significant furniture or home items. Ideally, these should be portable.

Decorating a rental property doesn’t have to be limited. You can have a lot of options, such as buying new furniture or adding a few lights. Just make sure that you have thoroughly read the lease agreement so you can save yourself from trouble.

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